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January 16, 2012
Union money being spent locally on Right-to-Work
Source: Right-to-Work debate hits airwaves
By: Alex Deiro

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WLFI) - More than $30,000 is being spent locally on commercials to support and oppose right-to-work legislation.

Viewers watching television Monday night may catch a glimpse of one of the spots running either in support of or in opposition to the Right-to-Work bill.

IBEW Local 668 started running ads on our station on Friday, opposing the Right-to-Work legislation.

The group has spent over $5,000 of union money towards the spots.

The local union's business manager said members decided it would be worthwhile to put their money towards getting their point-of-view over the airwaves.

“That's what this message is, to just let people know that you have to do some research on your own, instead of just believing the rhetoric that's being pushed out there right now,” said Jim Ogden.

Some local faces and union members are also lending their voices and money to the commercials.

"The reason we started running those spots was because it seemed like the Republican party, and in particular we've seen several commercials from Mitch Daniels, that they continue to flood the airwaves. And I believe it will do nothing but get worse," said Ogden.

Governor Mitch Daniels is lending his voice to several spots paid for by the Indiana Opportunity Fund. A group that has spent more then $30,000 to keep its commercials running on Lafayette area TV screens. The Governor was unavailable for comment Monday, but a spokesperson in his office said simply Daniels was happy to lend his support for legislation he feels will just be another 'tool in Indiana's economic toolbox'. A sentiment the governor echoed in last week's State of the State address.

"After a year of studying the proposal, I agree. The idea that no worker should be forced to pay union dues as a condition of keeping their job is simple and just," said Daniels in last week's State of the State address.

This is how the money breaks down from the special interest groups:

IBEW Local 668 has spent $5,515 on local TV spots, opposing right-to-work.

The Indiana Opportunity Fund has spent $31,193 in our local market.

Those ads feature Governor Daniels and support the right-to-work legislation.

The fight over Right-to-Work continues Tuesday at the Statehouse where we could be seeing a vote on this issue as it heads to the House floor.

We'll bring you full coverage of the issue Tuesday.



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