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February 14, 2012
AMR Bankruptcy Update for DFW Airport Labor Solidarity Rally
Source: Transport Workers of America

Monday and Tuesday the TWU Negotiating Team hunkered down at Flagship University continuing their careful evaluation of AMRs financial spread sheets, and drafting their “ask” for specific documents needed for review – the company is obligated to produce these for the TWU negotiators.

Additionally, some work groups attended company presentations about the reorganization plan, they are:

Question and answer with the company over Title I and II critical issues and business plan

Other title groups worked through data sheets and costs model analysis and spread sheets

There was a follow up presentation for all title groups on retiree health care and incumbent (current) employee health care. TWU International Representatives attended these as well

Just a few miles away, almost 400 mostly union employees gathered outside DFW International Airport’s Terminal D in a show of support for all AMR employees. They came to protest the devastating effects of the AMR bankruptcy.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants organized today’s protest and invited the Transport Workers Union to co-host along with community labor leaders from the metroplex. Retirees and active members from many labor unions joined the protest, representing members of the Association of Flight Attendants, Communications Workers of America and TWU members from several locals at Southwest Airlines joined in, as did the Tarrant County Central Labor Council. To join the protest, TWU Local 514 from Tulsa drove a rented van full of members to DFW Airport.

John Patrick, Secretary-Treasurer of the Texas AFL-CIO marched along side some of his old friends and retirees from the United Auto Workers and the Teamsters Union. The Mid-Cities Democrats from Bedford, Texas came out in support of labors fight against AMR, as did the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

The news coverage was heavy, and APFA President Laura Glading and TWU-ATD Director Garry Drummond were besieged with interview requests. Several retirees were interviewed by the media, and they did not hold back their personal feelings about the company’s proposal to eliminate their pensions and scuttle their retiree medical coverage.



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