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March 14, 2010
Card Check: More Opinion Than Fact
Source: The Truth About The EFCA
Author: Staff


Those wascally wabits at the euphemistically named “American Rights At Work” labor front group are continuing in their mission to obfuscate about the effect of the equally euphemistic “Employee Free Choice Act.” In a letter, a spokesman claims: “The bill simply allows workers, not their bosses, to choose how they want to form a union.” Riiiight. Unless one has actually read the bill.

Elsewhere, more informed readers offer their own opinions. In the Tennessean, Todd Malone writes: “Facetiously speaking here, maybe we should urge our lawmakers to propose a bill called the Voters Free Choice Act. We could apply it to all elections. Our votes for public office and policy would be made known to everyone.”

One gentleman offers his decades of experience and concludes EFCA would be detrimental to workers:

As a member of the engineering staff, I was an interested spectator on four occasions when such organizing drives were undertaken at my place of employment. In each case, well more than a majority of all employees signed up as wanting to join the union in Step 1.

But, in the secret balloting, the unionization drive was soundly defeated. Four times.

The only way to determine the true feelings of those voting is by secret ballot. It is their right. And it must be preserved.

Republicans from Carson, Nevada are making no bones about their opposition to card check: “We support the right to work in Nevada, oppose card check in any form; if card check passes in Congress, we demand that the governor and legislators join in any legal opposition to card check legislation..”

And one guys has several salient facts to consider:

Union membership should be voluntary, not forced. Union bosses spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect this president and Congress, and they are demanding payback. The president has frequent visits by union big shots such as Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, who has his sights on nurses and doctors as a prime target, if President Barack Obama’s health care law is passed. Private-sector unions lost about 10 percent of their membership last year. Some of these people would not put up with the radical political agenda Big Labor exposes.




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