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March 29, 2010
Card Check and NLRB: Raw Deal or New Deal
Source: The Truth About The EFCA

Among the continuing reaction to news of the president’s ill-advised recess appointment of union attorney Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board comes from none other than a former Member of that board.

We tracked down John Raudabaugh, formerly of the NLRB and now of Nixon Peabody, with a question we’d received about the president’s departure from the standard practice of appointing members from both parties. Here’s what Mr. Raudabaugh offered:

It’s hard to beat the expertise of someone’s who has sat in that very chair. And so many historical parallels one could get into …

UPDATE: More reaction coming in … The US Chamber adds 50 cases to keep an eye on and warns employers to be on red alert.

UPDATE(d) UPDATE: Thanks to readers for joining us! Also se more from Rob Bluey of Heritage, who writes: “The appearance of preferential treatment hasn’t stopped Obama from rewarding his allies at SEIU. Stern was picked in February to serve on Obama’s debt commission.

Burger was tapped for Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board in 2009. And now Becker, despite Senate opposition, has secured a coveted appointment to represent the Big Labor’s interests at the NLRB.”

UPDATE to the third power: Keith Smith at asks the important question: Now what?


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