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March 26, 2011
Palm Coast woman sentenced to prison for embezzling $1.3M
Source: The Daytona Beach News-Journal
By: Andrew Gant

A Palm Coast woman learned Friday she is headed to federal prison for stealing about $1.3 million of a trade union's money.

A judge sentenced former financial secretary Carolyn Sue Alderman-Connon to 30 months behind bars for embezzling from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers' apprenticeship program -- which trains welders and others who work in steel before they become journeymen.

Alderman-Connon, 46, printed checks for herself totaling $1,281,270, prosecutors said.

She worked in the Southeast Area Joint Apprenticeship Program in Ruskin, near Tampa Bay, where the union's computer system was set up to automatically print signatures on checks once they were approved by certain officers.

Alderman-Connon "routinely and without permission" used the system to print checks made payable to "either herself or a fictitious payee," prosecutors said Friday.

Later, she accessed the bookkeeping system to change the payee's names and conceal her embezzlement.

During Friday's sentencing hearing, a judge ordered Alderman-Connon to pay back the stolen money, beginning with a forfeiture of about $38,000.

It was unclear how long Alderman-Connon lived in Palm Coast. In 2005, she lived in Riverview, also near the union office in the Tampa Bay area, according to Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office records.

Prosecutors said she pleaded guilty to the charges in October. In addition to the prison time, the judge sentenced her to three years of supervised release.



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