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March 6, 2012
Moose Jaw EMS workers won't stop job action
Source: The Regina Leader-Post
By: Adam Miller

REGINA -- Paramedics and EMTs from the Moose Jaw and District EMS service remain at a standstill with their employer, after refusing to suspend job action ahead of negotiations later this week.

Kerry Barrett, lead negotiator for the SEIU-West Union, said that negotiations were touch-and-go with the employer and that they were not going to stop job action before their next meeting.

Workers reported for duty on the weekend, but provided only the emergency aspects of the job, including responding to emergency calls. "They made an offer to return to the table, it's a conditional offer and we are going back and forth on those conditions to sort everything out. The earliest we can meet with the employer is Thursday," Barrett said.

Kyle Sereda, the CEO of Moose Jaw and District EMS, said the refusal on the part of paramedics to stop their job action has made the negotiating process much more difficult.

"We have provided SEIU with some dates to negotiate to come back to the table and we have also asked that as we reconvene that current job action be suspended," Sereda said, adding that they wanted no job action of any kind to be able to escalate from the side of the paramedics.




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