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Latest News - March 2012

March 2, 2012
AFSCME Launches "No Quinn Cuts" Campaign to Protect Public Services and Jobs

Opposition is mounting against Governor Pat Quinn as he announced he would close several state developmental centers, cut disability services and mental health care, and release prison inmates early. Quinn's plan would also eliminate 3,000 jobs.

In response to this, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 31 is launching a "No Quinn Cuts" campaign. Spokesperson Anders Lindall says they represent about 41,000 workers in the state of Illinois, and says Governor Quinn's priorities of the state is upside down. "He's cutting public safety, health care, public services, and wiping out thousands of good jobs. At the same time, he's handing out big tax breaks to corporations. That's wrong, people in Illinois don't agree with it. We've launched a website, We've got a Facebook page, we've got a petition at that folks can sign to let Pat Quinn know that they oppose his harmful budget plan", said Lindall.

Lindell states this cause will benefit the Murray Center in Centralia, one of the state facilities Quinn has listed for closure. He says the local officials at the Murray Center are already working hard to reach out to community leaders and local officials, as well as community organizations working closely with the families of the Murray Center to provide services to them. "Those programs are not available anywhere else in the region, and they can't be found in private, so-called, community placements, where Pat Quinn wants to force them to go. We're fighting to save the Murray Center and a similar facility in Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Developmental Center, right along with mental health hospitals, youth centers, state police, human services offices, and prisons statewide, and the jobs of those thousands of men and women who do the real work of state government to provide those services", said Lindall.

He states the real work of state government is not done in Springfield or Chicago, but in the facilities caring for people, and providing public services to the people of Illinois.

Lindall says the campaign's initial steps include a petition for concerned citizens to sign and personalize with their own reasons for opposing Quinn's budget cuts.




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