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March 2, 2014
Mayor, firefighters union plan to announce 'agreement' Monday morning
Source: Chronicle
By: Mike Morris

Mayor Annise Parker's office announced late Sunday that a deal may be imminent with Houston's firefighters union, which has bristled at Fire Chief Terry Garrison's plan to pull firetrucks from service as part of an effort to balance the fire department's budget.

The mayor will appear Monday morning with Bryan Sky-Eagle, president of Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 341, to discuss an agreement, according to the release.

It was not clear late Sunday whether any compact had been finalized. Members of the Parker administration and the fire union did not return calls.

'Rolling brownouts'

Earlier in the week, however, City Attorney David Feldman had said his team was negotiating with the union in an effort to prevent the so-called "rolling brownouts" from taking effect. The negotiations had begun as part of talks over a raise for firefighters in the current fiscal year, which were triggered under the union's current contract when the economic recovery fed more revenue into city coffers. Feldman and Sky-Eagle have repeatedly said in recent days that talks were progressing well.

"That is entirely what we're focusing on right now," Feldman said last week. "There is hope an interim agreement can be reached to prevent the chief's plan. I'm cautiously optimistic."




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