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Latest News - March 2014

March 1, 2014
Ed Miliband faces new battle with unions over who runs Labour
Source: Telegraph
By: Tim Ross

Ed Miliband and Len McCluskey clash as Labour delegates at a special conference vote to back historic reforms to the party's trade union links

Ed Miliband yesterday won a vote to reform Labour’s historic links with the trade unions as delegates at a special conference approved radical changes to the party’s rules.

However, even as Mr Miliband hailed the result as a victory for democracy, the general secretary of Unite, the biggest trade union, declared that Labour was still his party and that he was "going nowhere”.

The public clash between the Labour leader and the boss of the union that has given the party £11million since 2010 exposed the continuing power struggle at the heart of the Labour movement.

Party sources accept that Mr Miliband’s reforms could concentrate more money in the hands of union bosses and many Labour supporters now fear the party will be even more reliant on cheques from Unite and other unions.

Mr Miliband embarked on the most radical series of changes to the party’s structures for decades at the height of a row last summer over claims that Unite officials tried to fix the selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Falkirk.




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