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April 12, 2011
Budget deal spares union-friendly NLRB
Source: San Francisco Examiner
By: Philip Klein

Despite Republican efforts and promises to the contrary, the budget deal reached last Friday spares cuts to the National Labor Relations Board, which is supposed to resolve disputes between management and labor, but under the Obama administration has devolved into a vehicle to reward unions and bludgeon businesses.

Back in February, a GOP-led effort to defund the entire agency failed, but the Wall Street Journal reported that, "the agency remains a target for spending cuts that would slash its annual budget by $50 million, or nearly one-fifth."

The agency's budget would seem ripe for cutting -- it's already seen its funding rise under Obama, even though it's been run inefficiently and a recent Inspector General's report (PDF) suggested it consolidate its regional offices.

Yet the board was missing from this final list (PDF) of programs cut by the budget deal.

Obama has packed the board with union friendly nominees, led by his recess appointment of former union lawyer Craig Becker. Now they'll have more funding to push their anti-business agenda.



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