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April 29, 2014
Nurses raise alarm about faulty paging system at ERH
Source: Tri-City News
By: Diane Stanberg

The BC Nurses Union (BCNU) is complaining that a faulty paging system and inadequate staffing at Eagle Ridge Hospital led to unsafe conditions and a nurse being hit in the head with a rock by a patient.

The incident happened April 22, when a nurse tried to prevent a dementia patient from falling off a second-floor balcony at the Port Moody hospital. She called for a Code White to be put through the paging system but the announcement was garbled and hard to hear, so she had to deal with the man alone.

The patient reportedly elbowed, head-butted and hit her in the head with a rock he picked up, sending the nurse to ER for stitches.

She is now at home recovering from the incident, according to Christine Sorensen, BCNU vice-president, who said the situation could have been prevented if the faulty paging system had been repaired earlier and more staffing was in place to deal with a dementia patient.

“The nurses have been complaining about the system being inadequate for two months,” Sorensen said. “Subsequently, somebody was injured because they didn’t respond to the Code White.”

Sorensen said nurses are also concerned about Code Blue calls not being heard — those let staff know when a patient is unresponsive because of a cardiac arrest or another potentially fatal condition.




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