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May 11, 2012
Honeywell workers want answers after being told to leave work
Source: WPSD Local 6
By: Robert Bradfield

METROPOLIS, Ill. - Honeywell workers want answers after being told to leave work Thursday afternoon for damaged equipment found in the facility.
"Absolutely no idea what's going on," said United Steel Workers Local Union 7-669 President - Elect Stephen Lech.
He said he'd rather be working than wondering why he isn't. "I've gotten probably 50 phone calls starting at 6:30 this morning," Lech said.
On the other end of the phone - concerned co-workers who are also left to speculate as to why they were shown the door. "Obviously we have a lot of members. This looks an awful like what happened two years ago," he said.
Lech isn't calling it a lock-out, but a temporary lay-off. He said he doesn't know much other than he and his union members aren't working and aren't getting paid.
"It's nerve racking in addition to obviously our future and our jobs. It's nerve racking to wonder what exactly they have going on," he said.
Honeywell spokesperson Peter Dalpe said the plant suspended production because of damaged equipment. But Lech believes the company may have went a little overboard in sending people home indefinitely.
"It would be normal for them to investigate any type of damage that is out of the ordinary. But to kick all of your workers out so you can do it is kind of unusual," Lech told Local 6.
For now, he's giving his company the benefit of the doubt and hopes there isn't more going on behind the scenes. "I would hope that Honeywell is being completely truthful with their reasoning. I wouldn't be ready to suggest they aren't right now."



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