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Latest News - May 2012

May 10, 2012
There's a lot going on with American Airlines unions
Source: The Dallas Morning News
By: Terry Maxon

1. The Communication Workers of America goes into U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane's court Thursday morning to block American Airlines from imposing new pay rates, benefits, work rules and job cuts on passenger service agents.

The CWA is attempting to win the right to represent passenger service people at airports and in reservations.

The National Mediation Board has scheduled an election for May 19-June 17. On May 3, American has asked a federal district court in Fort Worth to delay the election.

The CWA plans a press conference Thursday morning next to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court building in lower Manhattan to protest American's actions.

2. The Allied Pilots Association and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants will march from APA headquarters to American Airlines headquarters on Amon Carter Blvd., near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday morning.

They'll bring with them the "no-confidence" petitions being signed online by pilots and flight attendants. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 7,200 pilots had expressed no confidence in management's business plan.

3. The APA and APFA will hold another protest across from the bankruptcy courthouse Friday morning, same message.

4. Transport Workers Union members begin voting at 12:01 a.m. Thursday on American's last, best offer. They have until 11:59 p.m. Monday to register their vote.

5. At the bankruptcy judge's "suggestion" from last Friday, American was supposed to be negotiating this week with the APFA and APA, although we haven't had word if that is happening.



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