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Latest News - June 2011

June 1, 2011
Teamsters Overwhelmingly Approve First Student National Agreement
Source: PR Newswire
By: The International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Teamsters overwhelmingly approved the first-ever national agreement with the largest private provider of school bus transportation in North America, First Student Inc.  This historic agreement improves working conditions and job protections for more than 20,000 Teamsters who work at First Student. The contract was ratified by 91 percent.

"This national agreement is the result of the hard work and dedication of our Local Unions and Teamsters at First Student, and is a testament to the Union's strong commitment to organizing workers who deserve fairness on the job," said General President Jim Hoffa, Chairman of the Teamsters First Student National Negotiating Committee (TFSNNC). "By banding together as Teamsters, these workers have secured better job protections and working conditions for themselves and their families."

This four-year national agreement improves workplace protections, creates a national grievance procedure and provides strong language to raise standards for Teamster members at First Student.  

"This groundbreaking contract represents a positive step forward for Teamsters at First Student and all workers in the school bus industry," said Rick Middleton, TFSNNC Co-Chair and International Vice President. "The gains made in this agreement will immediately benefit First Student Teamsters and their families and ensure a cooperative working relationship with the company for years to come."



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