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June 2, 2012
Union agrees to contract with TRW
By: Nathan Baker

The strike at Aurelius' TRW Automotive plant ended Thursday with a 70-54 union vote to approve a new contract.
Gregory Large, president of the International Chemical Workers Union Local 192-C, said the new labor contract removes the use of temporary non-union workers that members opposed in the previous proposed deals.
Remaining were some changes to the plant's shift schedules, but Large did not immediately give details on the changes.
"There are a lot of things transpiring, and we've still got to hammer out the full details," Large said. "The bottom line is we did settle on a contract and our people will go back to work."
Large said one of the details left to determine is the date when the 150 employees represented by the union will return to work.
TRW spokesman John Wilkerson confirmed Friday afternoon that the two sides had reached an agreement and the resulting contract was ratified by the union.
Union members have been picketing the Aurelius manufacturer of vehicle lock and tire pressure sensor components since May 8, when the previous contract expired.
Two other contracts that contained provisions for a supplemental workforce of temporary workers were voted down by union members by overwhelming majorities.
Workers feared that the temporary non-union workforce would erode the union's future bargaining ability and lead to losses in hours and compensation.
The previously proposed contracts also contained changes to the current daily work schedule of three 8-hour shifts, instead instituting four 10-hour and three 12-hour shifts per week.
Union representatives said the altered schedule would cause many of the workers to lose the overtime pay on which they depend.
The previous votes to reject the contracts, 124-13 and 128-11, were not nearly as close as the 70-54 vote Thursday to accept one.
Large declined to comment on the reasons for the tighter margin, saying he didn't want to speak for the members who voted against the contract.



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