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June 28, 2013
Nurses Gather to Give Union Support or The Boot
Source: Lake Elsinore
By: Mirna Alfonso

Though about 100 nurses from Rancho Springs and Inland Valley medical centers -- they are run by the same company -- were expected Friday at a rally in Murrieta, about 60 rallied in support of or opposition to proposed unionization.


“I believe that with union help a lot of the nurse’s concerns … will be heard,” Inland Valley emergency room nurse Ramona Moll told Patch at the rally.

“The problem that we have is that corporate and administration appears to be able to band and change the policy … at their whim,” Moll said.

The union supporter said that the nurses in favor of unionizing are tired of being sanctioned by the state for breaking policy and protocol mandated by California.

When the state comes in and mandates changes.

“As soon as state pressure goes away, they go back to doing it the same old way,” Moll said.

And the nurses are the ones reprimanded by the United Health Services Inc., which runs the two medical centers; Rancho Springs is in Murrieta.

“Our concerns are being dismissed, over and over and over again,” Moll complained.

Not everyone at the rally was in favor of unionizing.

"Unions are fine but we need to have a choice whether we want to join," said Grace Hydrusko, the 77-year-old mother of a nurse at one of the hospitals

"We need our rights and our choice and our freedom," Hydrusko said.

"We're not saying they should not exist. We're just saying that we should have the right to choose," she added.

Joan Terlisner, a nurse at Rancho Springs, was vehement about not joining any union.

"I will never join any union.

"I don't like unions taking over this country," she told Patch.

"I don't like them taking my dues …. I want a choice and I feel like the union is taking away my choice."

Jeff Rogers, a spokesman for United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals, told Patch that The National Labor Relations Board —the federal agency charged with conducting fair union elections—is investigating UHS based on serious labor law violations.



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