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Latest News - June 2014

June 12, 2014
Aurora, police union reach tentative deal on new contract
Source: The Denver Post
By: Carlos Illescas

The city of Aurora and the police union have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract.

While the specifics of the contract are not known, Mark Finnin, president of the Aurora Police Association, said there aren't across-the-board raises. Instead, longevity and rank will be considered, he said.

The union has until June 18 to vote on the new contract. If passed, it will be forwarded to the City Council for final approval.

"It was a pretty creative proposal," Finnin said, without offering any specifics on the contract, which will probably be for two years.

Councilman Bob LeGare did not know whether a deal had been reached. However, he said, if both sides have reached an agreement, the upturn in the economy is probably a factor.

"It took quite a bit of effort and work between the two parties," LeGare said. "The economy is way better than it was two years ago, and I think that has lot do with bringing both sides together."

There are other factors besides the better financial situation the city is in that may have played a role reaching an agreement quickly.

The council considered but scrapped a plan to ask voters to repeal a police-hiring mandate based on population growth. Also, the council is looking to place a property-tax increase on the November ballot dedicated to public safety.

In 2010, the City Council wanted to cut pay 5 percent for police and fire, and that drew the ire of the rank-and-file and led to contentious negotiations. The council backed off on those cuts, even though the city was in a rocky financial position.

This time around, councilwoman Barb Cleland, who is the chair of the Public Safety Committee, said better times means the city will be able to offer raises in the new contract.

"It's a good contract for everybody," she said. "There are some raises. I had realized and other council members had realized we needed to pay our police officers a little more."




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