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Latest News - June 2014

June 2, 2014
NEW INFO: Dates Announced For Rite Aid Distribution Center Closure
Source: WSAZ3
By: Rebekah Pewitt

Dates have been announced when more than 200 people in Nitro could soon lose their jobs.

The Teamsters 175 Union announced that the initial layoff will take place July 5, 2014. Between 30 and 80 employees are expected to lose their jobs at that time.

A second layoff and plant closure is scheduled for Nov. 4, 2017. That is about a year and a half longer than initially expected.

Everyone not laid off in July is guaranteed 40 hours a week of work until the center closes.

All employees will receive a severance package. Details of the package will not be disclosed as part of a confidentiality agreement.

More than 200 people in Nitro could soon lose their jobs. The Teamsters 175 Union announced to its members that the Rite Aid Distribution Center will be closing its doors for good in 2016.

The company told members the layoffs would happen in stages over the next two years.

Teamsters 175 union president Ken Hall says they have been in negotiation with the company for the past two years.

The Warehouse employs 230 people and all of them say the cuts will be detrimental to their families.

"We've put our whole lives into this warehouse," said Alisa Scott. "Not only us, but I mean everybody that we've worked with all of these years."

Hall says the company addressed things like productivity, attendance and benefits, but rather than coming to an agreement the company announced that it would be closing it's doors for good.

"What they have done here is they have clearly lied to their employees. They've lied to the union. They've lied to the state of West Virginia," said Hall.

Rite Aid released a statement Sunday evening saying:

"This was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one as Rite Aid continues to focus on improving operating efficiency in every area of the company, including our Distribution Center network. The capital required to upgrade and modernize this 35-year-old facility is cost prohibitive. Rite Aid will continue to work on ways to further optimize our DC network and to explore alternative service options to meet that goal. We will work diligently to provide our associates with the necessary information they need as the company works through this process. "




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