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Latest News - June 2015

June 15, 2015
Labor buys 'thank you' ads for lawmakers who blocked Obama trade pact

The AFL-CIO is thanking Democratic lawmakers who stood with organized labor and blocked President Obama's trade deal in the House last week.

The ads, featuring individual members, will run on Facebook, and in print in the members' district. The labor union also is purchasing mobile ads in The Hill, a Capitol Hill publication.

"Thank you for standing with working families," the ads state, featuring photos of the lawmakers.

Labor has waged a fierce battle to block Congress from granting Obama fast-track powers to speed up completion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation free trade and regulatory deal. The AFL-CIO has said past trade deals have resulted in lost jobs and declining wages for workers in traditional manufacturing jobs.

The vast majority of House Democrats — 144 of 188 —  voted Friday against a bill to offer financial assistance and job retraining for workers displaced by global trade. Though Democrats generally support such aid, the lawmakers voted against it to block a related bill to fast-track the TPP. Both bills were required to pass for the package to move forward, and it remains stalled in the House.

The Obama administration and Republican leaders have vowed to try again on the trade package as soon as this week.



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