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Latest News - July 2013

July 3, 2013
NLRB cites violations by Rivers Casino heads
Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette
By: Mark Belko

The National Labor Relations Board in Pittsburgh has authorized a complaint against Rivers Casino over 17 alleged violations related to the effort by workers at the North Shore venue to unionize.

Robert W. Chester, regional director of the NLRB's Pittsburgh office, said Tuesday the board is trying to work with the casino and the Steel City Casino Workers Council Organizing Committee to settle the case short of issuing a formal complaint.

The board acted on allegations made by the organizing committee in the spring that casino managers were trying to intimidate workers seeking to unionize.

Among the claims were that a management chef told a cook that anyone who wore a union pin would be fired; that managers interrupted workers discussing union issues while on break or in nonwork areas; and that managers "swarmed, hovered and monitored workers in the employee cafeteria when they had not done so before."

"Following our investigation into the matter, we believe there is merit to certain allegations," Mr. Chester said.

He said a complaint would be issued if the settlement talks fail to produce an agreement.

In a response, the casino stated, "We are proud to provide our team members with good jobs and excellent working conditions. To date, 33 charges filed by the union have already been withdrawn following NLRB review. We are working in good faith with the NLRB to resolve the remaining charges."

Steel City is seeking to organize about 800 workers at the casino.




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