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July 7, 2014
Things To Do In Denver When You're Mad: SuperShuttle Drivers Super Upset With Contract

If a company and union meet 36 times over a two-year period and the union has not budged, one could assume that the parties are at an impasse.

If they are at a bona fide impasse, under federal labor law, management has the legal right to implement its “last, best, and final” offer.

In the case of Denver Airport’s SuperShuttle drivers, though, they don’t seem to happy with what appears to be the outcome of bargaining…an implemented offer that includes a wage cut. [Collective bargaining is, after all, a process of give and take.]

via The Denver Post:

A dispute between airport van drivers and SuperShuttle escalated Monday when drivers and other union members marched through theDenver International Airport.

About 30 people, including 10 drivers and other members of the Communications Workers of America, protested what the union calls a pay cut of nearly 30 percent for SuperShuttle drivers in Denver.

The march was the latest move in a labor dispute that has gone on for five years.

Earlier this year, the company moved to a new contract that pays most drivers $11.50 an hour and new workers $10.50, company spokeswoman Margaret Nathan said. Union members rejected the deal. [Emphasis added.]

Interestingly, two-thirds of the protesters were not actually SuperShuttle drivers.

For its part, even though the union says that drivers have authorized a strike, the CWA appears to be relying on the National Labor Relations Board to push the company back to the bargaining table.

The CWA filed NLRB charges against the company in March and April. The labor board is still investigating.



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