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July 7, 2014
UNITE-HERE 'Trying To Extort' Hotel Builder Into Neutrality Agreement

Unions, no longer able to keep up their memberships by selling workers on the idea of unionization, have resorted to a variety of clever and not-so-clever tactics to maintain their relevance.

One such tactic is pushing companies into helping to unionize their workforces before the workers ever are hired through so-called neutrality agreements.

In California, the hospitality union UNITE-HERE has drawn the ire of at least one reader:

It is with great anger, but no surprise, I read that the labor union Unite Here is back again trying to block the building of the Archer Hotel.

Not that they really want to keep it from being built. Nor do they actually have any concern about what it will look like or historical preservation. Let’s call what they are doing by what it really is: extortion.

They are trying to extort LodgeWorks, the builder of the hotel, into a Neutrality Agreement. The extortion part is that if LodgeWorks does not accept their Neutrality Agreement they will do everything they can to prevent their project from moving forward. This has been an often successful tactic by big labor and worked in Napa in 2008 preventing the Kimpton Hotel project from moving forward…



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