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August 29, 2011
NLRB issues new union-friendly regulation; also expected to boost unionizing efforts in nursing homes soon, report says
Source: McKnight’s Long Term Care News & Assisted Living

A new regulation issued by the National Labor Relations Board will soon require employers to post information about unionization rights on bulletin boards. Business groups critical of that regulation also expect the NLRB to issue a decision soon that would make it easier to unionize “specific groups of nursing home workers, like certified nursing assistants,” The New York Times reported Friday.

The regulation, which was issued Thursday, requires businesses to pass out union literature and post notices about collective bargaining rights. The rule will take effect Nov. 14.

This is the first time — since the National Labor Relations Act was enacted in 1935 — that the board has required such postings, The New York Times reported.

Critics of this regulation, who also oppose the board's proposed regulations about speeding up union elections, argue that employers aren't given ample time to explain the disadvantages of unionization. Proponents of the regulation say it is aimed at workers who have been otherwise unaware of their rights to unionize until now, the newspaper reported.

Business groups “also expect the board to issue a decision shortly that would make it easier to unionize specific groups of nursing home workers, like certified nursing assistants,” the Times reported Friday



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