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August 6, 2013
Care One loses another labor fight, this time at Morristown nursing home (see referenced website)

In the latest blow against a major nursing-home company based in the state, an administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board ruled last week that Care One violated federal labor laws at its nursing home here.

Care One at Madison Avenue is one of several nursing homes where affiliates of the Service Employees International Union have for years been trying to unionize workers. Care One’s Somerset Valley Rehabilitation and Nursing Home on Route 22 in Bridgewater also is one of them.

The unionization efforts have caused friction between organizers and Care One, which owns two dozen facilities in the state and more in Connecticut.

The fight has gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the justices in February denying the company’s request to delay reinstating striking workers at its HealthBridge Management facilities in Connecticut.

The NLRB decision last week said management at this location threatened workers with job loss if they voted to form a union in a March 2012 workplace election, and found that management punished union-eligible employees by only offering lower health insurance premiums and copays to employees outside the bargaining unit, among other infractions.

The NLRB judge ordered Care One to offer the new health benefits to the bargaining unit employees, as well as to reimburse them.

In January an NLRB judge found that Care One violated labor laws at the Bridgewater facility by eliminating job titles and transferring work to nonunion employees. Last year, the facility was ordered by NLRB to compensate and reinstate workers, who the NLRB found had been fired and disciplined for their union support.

Last year the NLRB ordered new elections at the Morristown facility citing interference by management. Care One is challenging a 2010 union election at the Bridgewater facility.

Care One has responded to charges of union busting with a federal lawsuit accusing the SEIU affiliates of racketeering, as well as a website — — devoted to answering complaints.

“We strongly deny that any Care One Health Care Center has ever fired or disciplined an employee for advocating on behalf of a union,” the company repeats on several pages of the website.



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