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August 21, 2013
Avon teachers' union ratifies new contract to include pay raise
Source: The Morning Journal
Adriana Cuevas

A new school year isn't the only thing exciting Avon teachers as a new contract is approved to raise their annual salary.

After months of negotiations, the Avon Teachers Association and Avon School Board have reached an agreement to increase the annual salary for teachers in the Avon City School District by 1.5 percent.

The ratification of the contract reflects the numerous changes in state law and constant shifting of Ohio's educational funding system. The new agreement will also preserve the city's reputation for sound fiscal management while meeting the needs of Avon teachers and their families, said David J. Bruening, president of the Avon Teachers' Association in a press release.

"Many of our teachers are members of this community and have a personal stake in the soundness of Avon Local Schools," Bruening said. "These are responsible people not interested in creating a financially burdensome school system; our teachers get it. It is a great honor to lead a group of individuals such as these."

The new contract will not only offer teachers a slight increase in salary, but will provide them with insurance concessions as well.

This marks the first pay increase in years for Avon educators after the district's 2008 financial meltdown forced administers to freeze teacher's salary steps.

"Many of our younger teachers are paying upwards of $700 a month in college loans and are starting families," Bruening said. "These are tough times for these new professionals and we are pleased that the Avon Board of Education understands both the needs of the community and the needs of their employees."

During his time with the association, Bruening has led the organization through several contract negotiations.

"Avon, like every school in Ohio, and for that matter the nation, is in the process of undergoing some of the most drastic operational changes, from teacher evaluation and the structuring of the curriculum to funding itself," he added. "We had to, as a team and not as opponents, construct a working document that would reflect the massive changes in education and we did that with a keen eye toward maintaining an efficient and award-winning school system for all the families in Avon."

The ratified contract is expected to run through July 2016.

"I truly believe that our negotiations process and its dialogue should serve as a role model for other schools," he said. "We did it because we believe in each other; teacher and administrator, and we did it because we value this community."



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