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August 21, 2013
Three strikers to return to work
Isaac Brambila

Three employees were called back to work Tuesday after a meeting between Teamsters and Paratransit Services Personnel.

The focus of the meeting revolved around the reinstatement of employees who were previously on strike.

Two drivers and a dispatcher were called back and more employees are expected to be reinstated in the near future, Executive Vice President of Paratransit Services Christie Scheffer stated Wednesday in an email.

The rest of the employees will be placed on a preferential list and will be reinstated, based on seniority, as openings become available based on seniority, Scheffer stated.

Though three people were recalled, the two sides have not agreed on the terms of reinstatement or a new contract, Teamsters Local Union No. 665 Secretary Treasurer Mark Gleason said. One thing the two sides have not agreed on is the way shifts will be awarded.

Negotiations between the two parties are expected to resume Tuesday, Gleason said.

Gleason said he is optimistic most employees will be reinstated little by little during the coming weeks.

The striking workers voted unanimously to return to work unconditionally last Thursday. They declared themselves ready for work as of Friday morning, but Paratransit Services required a five-day period in order to process legal matters and other issues regarding the reinstatement of workers.

Teamsters and workers were on strike for nearly three weeks before voting to return to work. During the strike, the majority of transit services in the county were canceled or reduced, leaving many people looking for other options for transportation.

Paratransit Services presented a restoration of services plan Aug. 14, which included the return of 88-percent of services by tomorrow.



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