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Latest News - September 2011

September 7, 2011
Teamsters’ Hoffa Made $300,000 in 2010
By: Matt Cover

International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was paid a base salary of $294,285 in 2010, according to the labor union’s financial disclosure forms.

Hoffa made headlines on Labor Day with comments calling union members part of President Obama’s electoral “army” who will “beat the Tea Party and give this country back to workers and America.”

“Let’s take these sons-of-bitches out,” Hoffa said during comments ahead of Obama’s appearance at a rally in Detriot, urging union members to vote out conservative politicians in 2012.


In a separate Labor Day announcement, Hoffa said that wealthy Americans were trying to stop the “progress of the middle class” by using politicians to attack unions.


“Wealthy corporations and fat-cat CEOs have always wanted to disrupt the progress of the middle class,” Hoffa said. “In the past year, corporate-backed politicians have mounted the most vicious anti-union attacks in memory.”


Hoffa accused high-income earners of using the political process to “concentrate their wealth and power” at the expense of normal people.


“The ultimate goal of these extremist politicians is to further concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few. After all, it’s those wealthy few who pay for their political campaigns, court them when they’re in office and hire them when they retire from public life.”


Hoffa’s union salary in 2010 – the most recent figures available – was $294,285. That figure rises to $368,000 if bonuses and disbursements are taken into account.

Of the additional $73,715, only $7,149 was for official business, according to Labor Department records.



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