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September 10, 2013
AFL-CIO Convention Report: Union Bosses Call For Radical Overhaul of U.S. Labor Laws
Source: labor union

Every four years, union bosses from the AFL-CIO’s now-56 unions gather to establish their organizational and political goals.

While union bosses often converge on cities like Las Vegas or Bal Harbor, Florida, the last convention was held in Pittsburgh.

This year, the AFL-CIO is holding its convention in Los Angeles.

During its quadrennial conventions, union bosses propose and approve resolutions that spell out their agenda for the next four years.

This year, as in years past, AFL-CIO bosses and the attending delegates passed resolutions that would eviscerate employer rights, free-speech rights, property rights, workers’ right to strike, as well as other rights.

This is the first of several AFL-CIO convention reports highlighting the various resolutions.

Among the many resolutions that the AFL-CIO has considered and approved so far is Resolution 1. which aims to launch a multi-year campaign in order to radically alter the nation’s labor laws to make them entirely ‘union friendly.’

Specifically, in passing Resolution 1, AFL-CIO delegates have called for:

  • Unions to gain special status in “redressing growing income inequality and the resulting imbalance in our political system”
  • Reclassification of employers’ supervisors to make them subject to unionization
  • State and local labor laws for state and municipal workers to fall under federal jurisdiction
  • Requiring employers to post union rights posters
  • Requiring employers to give access to union organizers “so they can speak to workers”
  • Requiring employers to turn over employee lists
  • Prohibiting employers from “compelling” employees to hold meetings
  • Eliminating secret-ballot elections by “substituting other, reliable evidence of majority support.” [aka card check]
  • Government-imposing first contracts through binding arbitration, thereby eliminating employer resistance and workers’ right to strike
  • Elimination of Right-to-Work laws




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