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September 25, 2013
Unions will decline until labor purges hypocrites
Source: NWI.COM
Thomas A. Pappas

Organized labor is united under the umbrella of the AFL-CIO, whose president, Richard Trumka, has recently made a decision that makes any labor leader who opposes right-to-work a hypocrite.

Trumka has decided the best way to reverse the steady decline of private sector union membership is to allow nonunion organizations to affiliate with the AFL-CIO without paying dues. These nonunion, non-dues-paying organizations will be given seats at labor's decision-making table which is even worse than right-to-work as non-dues-paying members have no say in union decisions.

Historically, unions have been for equality and equal justice in the workplace until the Affordable Care Act came along, which Trumka supported, expecting union-negotiated "Cadillac" plans to be exempted. Now, he is crying foul because the "Cadillac" plans will not be exempted, driving up health care costs for union members and their employers.

Private sector union membership will continue to decline until labor purges its hypocrite leaders, returns to its historical beliefs and moderates the national Democratic Party's ideology.




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