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September 23, 2013
Northside Medical Center plans to file unfair labor practice
Michelle Nicks

By 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, registered nurses working at Northside Medical Center plan to be standing their ground on the picket line.

It's part of a one-day strike by the Ohio Nurse's Association.

Late Monday afternoon, Northside Medical Center announced it will file an unfair labor practice charge, challenging the validity of the Ohio Nurse's Association's strike notice.

The hospital administration contends that the O.N.A. violated the National Labor Relations Act by serving 3 separate, conflicting and confusing notifications to the hospital.

Moving forward with the strike and picketing according to the hospital would be in violation of federal law, and could cause nurses to"lose their employment status."

But sources with the O.N.A. say they believe this is just a "scare tactic" by the hospital, and registered nurses still plan to move forward with the one day work stoppage.

The O.N.A. represents 485 total members, and they're taking the one day stand because they say the proposed contract would prevent nurses from speaking up on patient care issues.

The hospital administration argues there is nothing in it's offer that keeps nurses from providing input when it comes to patient care.

It's important to note that the Northside Medical Center will remain open during what is expected to be a peaceful protest by the Nurses at Northside.

All emergency services, inpatient and outpatient care will be available, and all surgeries and diagnostic procedures will move forward as scheduled.

Temporary replacement nurses have been secured.

The O.N.A.'s contract for registered nurses at Northside expired back on July 19th of 2011, and then there was a one-year extension.

According to the union, no more talks are scheduled at this time but the hospital has offered an 8-month contract to the nurses that would include wage increases.

But the O.N.A. questions the short term deal, because all other hospitals in the group have 3-year-contracts.

The hospital says it's one way to give both sides a break from negotiating.

Stay tuned to 21 News and for more on this developing story




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