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October 29, 2012
What Genevans need to know as teachers strike looms
Source: Suntimes
By: Jenette Sturges

The news that a strike may be imminent has had a weekend to sink in for Geneva parents. And the chatter as they picked up their students Monday afternoon from Harrison Street Elementary School was split — some parents have backed the educators, with blue signs posted in yards that read “I support Geneva teachers.” Other parents, not so much.

“Education is important. There are so many people looking for work out there, I would think they (the teachers) could be replaced. It should be easy to do,” said Angela McMorris, whose daughter attends Harrison Street Elementary. “Children should come first, before the dollar. But let me say, I hope there isn’t a strike.”

Teachers said they hope so, too.

“We are extremely frustrated with the lack of a settlement,” said Carol Young, president of the Geneva Education Association. “We made significant progress toward the board’s demands last week and spent many long hours together, but we were not able to work out a settlement. However, we remain hopeful that we will avoid a strike. It is something that will only hurt our community.”

The School Board, teachers union and a mediator will not sit down again until Nov. 6 — three days before teachers could walk out. Young called the delay “wasteful.”

“We are also frustrated that the board will not meet with us again until next week,” said Young. “We have a tentative meeting scheduled for Nov. 6 but it seems wasteful to us to not meet this week if the board is truly interested in settling this contract



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