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October 17, 2012
Displaced teachers air ongoing concerns at Chicago Teachers Union meeting
Source: Substance News
By: David R. Stone

Dozens of laid-off Chicago Public School teachers and paraprofessionals shared their concerns and questions at a little-publicized meeting of the Chicago Teachers Union’s Displaced Members Committee at CTU headquarters in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart on Tuesday afternoon, October 16, 2012. Many are in their third year of trying to regain full-time employment with the Chicago Board of Education, following the massive layoffs in June 2010, school closings, and other problems.

According to the CTU, the Board of Education has not provided the union with a current list of laid-off teachers and staff, so those laid off at the end of the last school year and those who were cut on the 20th day this school year did not receive notice of the meeting.

Antoinette Barnes, a member of CTU’s grievance department who has filed grievances on behalf of many displaced members, introduced Rodney Pruitt, a laid-off teacher, as the new chair of the committee. Pat Gerard, the committee’s original chair (who has been laid off since 2010), was also in attendance, and said she will continue to maintain her online Yahoo chat group where displaced member exchange information, job leads, advice and support.

Displaced members are urged to contact both the union (at and the online chat group (at


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