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Latest News - November 2010

November 16, 2010
Labor Board Examines Ballots Cast in Kingston Hospital Union Vote
Source: Daily Freeman
By: Paul Kirby

KINGSTON — The National Labor Relations Board is attempting to determine if 26 ballots cast in a nurses’ unionization vote at Kingston Hospital are valid.

Mark Genovese, a spokesman for the New York State Nurses Association, said on Tuesday that the initial tally in the vote last week was 95-77 against unionization. But he said that count does not include 26 ballots that are being contested by hospital management.

As a result, the outcome of the vote cannot yet be determined.

Genovese said it could take between a couple of days and a few weeks for the National Labor Relations Board to finalize the count.

Nurses at Benedictine Hospital on Mary’s Avenue voted in September 2008 to join the New York State Nurses Association

About 200 nurses work at each of the two hospitals, both of which are operated by the HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley.

“Like their HealthAlliance colleagues, (nurses) at Kingston (Hospital) believe that union representation will give them a voice when unilateral decisions are made by management that compromise (their) ability to provide exemplary patient care,” the Nurses Association said in a press release.

The association said it has helped nurses throughout the state improve their wages, benefits and working conditions.



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