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Latest News - November 2011

November 28, 2011
Unions chief: We won’t halt strike
Source: The Sun

THE leader of the TUC vowed yesterday there is NOTHING the Government can say to make unions call off Wednesday's strike.

The astonishing remarks by Brendan Barber appeared to dash all hopes of an 11th-hour deal to halt the walkout.

And he promised: "This will be the biggest strike for a generation. The Government has managed to alienate its entire workforce."

Mr Barber — who earlier accused the Government of "deliberately misrepresenting the generosity of their proposals" — was asked on the BBC's Politics Show if ministers could say anything to make unions call off the strike. He replied: "Well, at this stage I think that's probably unlikely."

As the dispute over public sector pension reforms got increasingly bitter, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said Mr Barber had "let the cat out of the bag" while intensive negotiations were still going on.

He added: "The unions have jumped the gun. I'd say, 'Brendan, call it off now'." The minister said the strikes were "indefensible" and would cause misery for millions of ordinary people.

And he confirmed troops were on standby at ports and airports to cover UK Border Agency strikers — meaning visitors to Britain could have their passports checked by soldiers.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls refused to condemn the strikes, saying he had "sympathy" with low-paid public sector workers.

The dispute centres around plans to make public employees work longer and pay more into their pension pots.



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