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Latest News - November 2011

November 17, 2011
Union to vote on whether to strike two Miami-Dade hospitals owned by HCA
Source: The Miami Herald
By: John Dorschner

Union workers at two Miami-Dade hospitals owned by the HCA hospital chain will decide Friday whether to hold a one-day strike to protest the hospitals’ stance in labor negotiations.

Leah Barber-Heinz, spokeswoman for SEIU Local 1199, said union workers at Aventura Hospital and Kendall Regional Medical Center will decide by the end of Friday what action they want to take.

SEIU workers also planned an “informational picket” for Friday at Aventura, she said.

HCA spokeswoman Nicole Baxter Miller said the national hospital chain had no comment on labor negotiations.

Barber-Heinz said some workers had not received a raise in 10 or 12 years because their salaries were “capped” and they had reached the top of their job categories.

“It’s not fair that HCA executives have gotten 200 percent increases” while nurses and other hospital employees have gotten nothing,” Barber-Heinz said. “Our members are upset enough to very seriously consider striking.”

The SEIU contracts are with the individual hospitals, Barber-Heinz said, not with HCA.



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