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November 3, 2012
UAW's Bob King says members stepping up get-out-the-vote effort
Source: Detroit Free Press
By: Todd Spangler

President Bob King said Saturday he’s seeing more union members than expected take part in get-out-the-vote efforts in advance of Tuesday’s presidential election – generated, he added, by Republican Mitt Romney’s claims about the auto industry.

King didn’t put numbers to his claim but he said that he’s seeing more enthusiasm and energy than he expected in literature drops, door-to-door voter contacts and at call centers in the wake of Romney’s repeating a false claim a week ago that Jeep would move jobs to China.

Romney followed that up with TV and radio ads in a key battleground state – Ohio – suggesting that the 2009 rescue of General Motors and Chrysler was more about creating jobs in China than here in the U.S., despite the fact that President Barack Obama has been widely credited with helping to return both companies to profitability.

GM and Chrysler have created thousands of jobs in the U.S. since emerging from bankruptcy in 2009.

“The energy is really great, more than we expected,” King said. “A lot of that is because of the way Romney has attacked the auto industry, the auto companies.”

The Romney campaign has stood by the ads, however, noting that both GM and Chrysler have talked about production in China. But the ads have not mentioned the jobs created in the U.S. and executives for both companies have stood by their commitment to create jobs in the U.S., questioning the Romney campaign’s suggestion. Experts also note that many companies make vehicles in China to avoid high import tariffs.

King said that while he expects Obama, the Democrat, to win in Ohio and Michigan, the UAW will continue its election efforts because it’s impossible to predict what will happen in politics.

“We won’t take it for granted,” he said




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