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November 26, 2013
Boeing machinists confront union president for first time since vote
Heather Graff

The embattled president of the Boeing machinists union says he's not stepping down. On Tuesday, he faced union leadership for the first time since machinists said no to an eight-year contract extension with Boeing

Approval of the contract would have guaranteed the 777x be built in Washington state.

Tuesday marked District 751's first council meeting since the contentious vote, and took place as rumors continue to swirl about union president Tom Wroblewski's future with the union.

Machinists have not been quiet about their dissatisfaction with him, and the entire situation surrounding the contract extension offered by Boeing.

While KING 5 cameras were not allowed inside, the nearly two-hour meeting involved some tough questions for union president Tom Wroblewski.

Despite reports of growing dissent with Wroblewski and calls for him to step down, a union spokesperson says Wroblewski isn't going anywhere.

"Tom is our district president, and he is going to be the district president for the foreseeable future.  His term runs through 2016, and he's told me he's going to serve his term," said District 751 spokesperson Bryan Corliss.

Including union leadership, about 60 machinists were present at Tuesday's meeting.



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