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Latest News - December 2013

December 4, 2013
At issue: Obama's 'unprecedented power grabs' in NLRB
Source: One News Now
By: Chad Groening

A public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption has weighed in on a lawsuit challenging President Obama's recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

Judicial Watch has teamed up with The Allied Education Foundation to file an amicus brief supporting a U.S. Court of Appeals decision that the president's NLRB appointments in January 2012 violated the Constitution's Recess Appointment Clause.

Chris Farrell, a spokesman for Judicial Watch, says that clause allows recess appointments strictly during a recess between Senate sessions.


"In this case, the Senate was not out of session," he explains. "They were simply gone for the weekend; they had not adjourned – and the president went ahead and appointed somebody anyway."

Appointed on January 4, 2012, were Sharon Block, Terence F. Flynn, and Richard F. Griffin. Judicial Watch has described those appointments as "unprecedented power grabs."

The president, says Farrell, "was completely outside the law" when he made the appointments and in "typical Obama fashion" defied the law. "And he just kind of bulldozes right through and gets what he wants," he adds.

Farrell says the Supreme Court is going to hear the case – but how they ultimately rule is anybody's guess.

"It'll be all nine justices and they'll sit and hear what's going to be said – and who knows what they'll decide? It's always a coin toss with the Supreme Court," he observes. "They invent all sorts of things and then ignore other things, so it's tough to figure out where they're going to come down on this."

Farrell remains hopeful the high court will ultimately remind Barack Obama that he isn't above the law.



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