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Latest News - January 2010

01_January 12, 2010
Teamsters Local 743 president ousted by union council
By: Mike Colias and Paul Merrion

02_January 12, 2010
U.S. Chamber Chief Warns Against Attaching EFCA to Jobs Bill

By Mark Schoeff Jr.

03_January 12, 2010
EFCA: If you say it, it will pass?

04_January 12, 2010
Trumka Talks Tough, But Will Obama Listen?
by Rob Bluey

05_January 12, 2010
Irate Labor Leaders Press Obama on Proposed Health Care 'Cadillac' Tax
By Major Garrett -

06_January 14, 2010
Union leaders say they're happy with health-care deal
By Alec MacGillis -

07_January 14, 2010
Democrats Hammered for 'Back-Room' Deal With Unions on Health Care
Fox News' Major Garrett and Trish Turner contributed to this report

08_January 16, 2010
Uniongate: The Straw That Broke Obama’s Mandate
By John Romano -

09_January 16, 2010
Labor's $60 Billion Payoff - A health tax that hits everyone except the Democratic base

10_January 18, 2010
Huge Election Win For MountainView RNs - California Nurses Association
Source California Nurses Association -

11_January 18, 2010
School canceled in Kankakee as strike looms
Information from: The Daily Journal,

12_January 20, 2010
Labor Leaders Digest Senate Setback
By Kris Maher -

13_January 21, 2010
St. Anthony workers won't be unionized
By Christian Livermore - Times Herald-Record

14_January 20, 2010
Labor Leaders Digest Senate Setback
By Kris Maher



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