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Latest News - February 2010


01_February 1, 2010
U.S. Attorney Reviews Call for Probe of SEIU Activities with White House, Congress
by: Fred Lucas, Staff Writer for

02_February 2, 2010
Labor Board Nominee Becker Seeks To Answer Critics At Hearing
The Wall Street Journal By: Patrick Yoest

03_February 3, 2010
AFL-CIO Mouthpiece Admits Big Labor's Strategy is to use NLRB to Push Americans into Unions
The Huffington Post by: Sam Stein

04_February 3, 2010
Solis Seeks Passage of Jobs, Business Plan

05_February 4, 2010
Labor Steaming Over Scott Brown's Early Seating
The Huffington Post by: Sam Stein

06_February 4, 2010
Chicago labor boss Dennis Gannon quits
Chicago Sun-Times by Fran Spielman

07_February 4, 2010
Former union organizer pleads guilty in labor racketeering case
The Buffalo News by Dan Herbeck

08_February 10, 2010
Michael Bennet’s Labor Promblems: Senator Votes Yes On Obama Nominee As Unions Endorse Dem. Rival

09_February 10, 2010
The Regulator from SEIU - The Senate revbels against Big Labor

10_February 15, 2010
Is Obama Hanging Workers Out to Dry? by Adele Stan

11_February 17, 2010
Hoffa seeks level "playing field" between FedEx, UPS by Mark B. Solomon

12_February 17, 2010
American Airlines union seeks first step to strike
Associated Press

13_February 19, 2010
Union loses legal battle with British Airways

14_February 19, 2010
Unions Push White House to Appoint Becker by Melanie Trottman and Kris Maher

15_February 17, 2010
CTA Calls Union Proposals Too Costly
Chicago Tribune by John Hilkevitch

16_February 22, 2010
Ford's Jobless Recovery Means No Hiring in Retoolings
Business Week by Keith Haughton

17_February 23, 2010
Court Denies LIUNA Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Filed By Pulte Homes of St. Louis (formerly The Jones Company Homes, LLC)
Business Wire Press Release

18_February 23, 2010
Pratt & Whitney to Lay Off 163 Conn. Workers Weeks After Losing Lawsuit Preventing Job Shifts
Los Angeles Times by Stepehn Singer, AP Business Writer

19_February 24, 2010
ACORN's New Shell
National Review Online by Kevin Williamson

20_February 25, 2010
Delta Airlines Flight Simulators Technicians Reject Union Representation
Los Angeles Times by Associated Press

21_February 25, 2010
Union Election Further Complicates a Tangled City Budget
The New York Times by Gerry Shih




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