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Latest News - March 2010


March 1, 2010
Former Employee of Kentucky Steelworkers Sentenced
Source: National Legal And Policy Center
Author: Carl Horowitz

March 1, 2010
U.S. Airline Union Disputes Could Disrupt Flights
Source: USA Today
Author: Dan Reed

March 1, 2010
Biden Defends Bailout Before Labor Leaders
Source: Associated Press
Author: Mike Schneider and Brendan Farrington

March 1, 2010
Vulnerable Arkansas Democrat Faces Senate Primary Challenge
Source: Associated Press
Author: Andrew DeMillo

March 2, 2010
Major Labor Board Ruling Begins To Clear the Way for Union Elections at 51 California Healthcare Facilities
Source: PR Newswire

March 2, 2010
Still with Obama, But Worried
Source: The New York Times
Author: Steven Greenhouse

March 3, 2010
Union Members to Protest Casino Project in Atlantic City
Source: The Star Ledger

March 7, 2010
U.S. Senate Campaign: Labor Works to Beat Lowden
Source: The Las Vegas Review Journal
Author: Laura Myers

March 9, 2010
BA Union Says Strike Even Bet: Lufthansa Truce Holds
Source: BusinessWeek
Author: Steven Rothwell and Cornelius Rahn

March 10, 2010
4 ex-Bath Iron Works officers sue Machinists union
Source: BussinessWeek
Author: Associated Press

March 10, 2010
Organized Labor and Citizens Unions Were The Biggest Winners in the ‘corporate’ free speech case
Source: Wall Street Journal
Author: Steven J. Law

March 11, 2010
Bill George to Retire as AFL-CIO president
Source: Associated Press
Author: Peter Jackson

March 11, 2010
Unions taking on Dems who don’t toe labor line
Source: The Hill
Author: Kevin Bogardus and Sean J. Miller

March 12, 2010
American Airlines’ flight attendants union asks to be released from negotiations
Source: Star-Telegram
Author: Andrea Ahles

March 12, 2010
S.C. lawmakers pass card check protection to keep union votes secret
Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal
Author: Staff Report

March 13, 2010
States can limit corporate and union spending on elections
Source: The Washington Post
Author: Brian Frosh and Jamie Raskin

March 14, 2010
Card Check: More Opinion Than Fact
Source: The Truth About The EFCA
Author: Staff

March 14, 2010
Ministers Urge British Airways Union to Cancel Strike
Source: BusinessWeek
Author: Grant Smith and Thomas Penny

March 15, 2010
Union offer to suspend planned BA strike
Source: Financial Times
Author: Jim Pickard and Pita Clark

March 16, 2010
Unions Want Change to ‘captive audience’rules
Author: Bob Schaper
Source: WKOWTV

March 17, 2010
Teamsters: The Union that passed from father to son
Author: Matt Spence
Source: Times Online

March 18, 2010
Why The SEIU Wants Health Reform
Author: Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Source: Real Clear Markets

March 22, 2010
Ex-New York Teamster Boss Pleads Guilty To Corruption
Author: Carl Horowitz
Source: National Legal and Policy Center

March 25, 2010
Shaw’s Strikers Vow National Fight Over Replacement Workers
Author: Bill Kirk
Source: The Eagle Tribune

March 25, 2010
EFCA Survey: Employers Need To Step Up Awareness Efforts
Author: Josh Cable
Source: Industry Week

March 26, 2010
UAW Members Accuse Top Leaders of Nepotism
Author: Joseph Szczesny
Source: Oakland Press

March 26, 2010
Santa Clara Man Accused of Embezzling Union Funds
Author: Mark Gomez
Source: San Jose Mercury News

March 28, 2010
L.A. School Unions Agree to Cut Days From Academic Calendar
Author: Jason Song
Source: Los Angeles Times

March 29, 2010
Labor May Gain, Business Sends “Red Alert” on Becker
Author: Holly Rosenkrantz
Source: Bloomberg Press

March 29, 2010
Card Check and NLRB: Raw Deal or New Deal
Source: The Truth About The EFCA

March 29, 2010
UAW Membership Down During Tough 2009 for Autos
Source: Associated Press

March 29, 2010
Obama Ignores Senate Republicans, Uses Recess Appointment To Place Embattled Union Lawyer Craig Becker on NLRB
Author: Pete Winn
Source: CNS News




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