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Latest News - October 2010

October 28, 2010
NLRB Steps Toward Grad Unions
Source: Inside Higher Ed
By: Scott Jaschik

October 27, 2010
Labor Helps Key Senate Dems, but Abandons most House Blue Dogs
Source: The Hill
By: Alexander Bolton

October 27, 2010
Continental Flight Attendants Reject Labor Deal
Source: Bloomber Businessweek
By: Associated Press

October 27, 2010
Union Opposition Quashes Councilman’s Proposal on DWP Pension
Source: Los Angeles Times
By: David Zahniser

October 26, 2010
With Senate Control in Play, Labor Unions Look Past Card-Check Bill
Source: The Hill
By: Kevin Bogardus

October 26, 2010
Jimmy John Workers Still Fighting Despite Vote Setback
Source: People’s World
By: David Bester

October 26, 2010
Bennet Opposed to Proposed Union Bill
Source: The Denver Daily News
By: Peter Marcus

October 23, 2010
Union’s Bid to Organize Sandwich Shops Rejected
Source: Bloomberg
By: Holly Rosenkratz and Flynn McRoberts

October 22, 2010
Public-Sector Union AFSCME Now No. 1 Spender in 2010 Election Cycle
Source: CBS News
By: Lucy Madison

October 21, 2010
Card Checkmate
Source: The Wall Street Journal

October 20, 2010
Changes in Federal Labor Law Coming
By: Keith Eastland

October 20, 2010
Union Plans to Try to Block Release of Teacher Ratings
Source: New York Times
By: Sharon Otterman

October 19, 2010
Hilton Hotel Strike Ends, But Convention in Doubt
Source: ABC News
By: Associated Press

October 14, 2010
In Waterfront Hearings, Accounts of a Union’s Kickbacks and a Mafia Tie
Source: The New York Times
By: Richard Perez-Pena

October 12, 2010
Three SEIU locals merge
Source: Sacramento Business Journal
By: Kathy Robertson

October 11, 2010
Shippers Concerned Over Labor Tactics After Strike Closes East Coast Ports
Source: PR Newswire
By: The Journal Of Commerce

October 08, 2010
Big Union Wins Vote Against a Rival in California
Source: The New York Times
By: Steven Greenhouse

October 07, 2010
Postal Union Election Delayed After Ballots Lost in the Mail
Source: FoxNews

October 06, 2010
Washington Hospital Nurses’ Labor Dispute Reflects Tensions Across the US
Source: The Washington Post
By: Lena H. Sun

October 05, 2010
NLRB Asks Federal Court to Award Raises And Full Retro Pay to NUHW Members at Kaiser

October 05, 2010
First Fast Food Workers Union Planned
Source: TIME
By: Allie Townsend



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