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June 24, 2009
Card Check And Union-Busting By Any Other Name?

The Los Angeles Times has an eye-opening story this morning: “SEIU borrows business’ anti-union tactics to fend off a rival.” It seems now that an upstart rival (actually, a group that has broken away from SEIU because it believes the union doesn’t represent members well) has tried to take existing SEIU members and get them into a new organization. And it also seems that SEIU is fighting aggressively to avoid letting that happen — even using the same kind of — completely legal — tactics that employers can use to protect their rights.

The tactics SEIU is using — filing a bunch of complaints to the National Labor Relations Board, educating employees/members, spending a ton of money, etc — are not unethical. They are just hypocritical. That’s because the SEIU is a leading proponent of gaining new members without letting them vote via the Employee Free Choice Act, but when it comes to something as important as the future of their dues-paying membership, they demand an election.

It’s especially noteworthy that SEIU’s use of their rights before the National Labor Relations Board are drawing this fire from their rival:

“The average election is scheduled in 60 days, and nothing has been scheduled here,” Rosselli said, noting that many of the signed petitions were filed in February.

It’s true in spirit that elections are held quickly — though most are held even faster than 60 days. Again, SEIU has every right to use the law but it’s obscene that they are demanding an end to employers’ very same rights.

Finally, note that this hypocrisy over the election phase isn’t the only embarrassing turn for SEIU, whose leader has ridiculously called for binding arbitration in ways no union or employer should ever endorse.




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