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June 25, 2009
Employee Free Choice Act’s “Back Seat Driver’s Clause”

We came across this great post by Warner Todd Huston over at and couldn’t sum it up better ourselves:

Of course we’ve talked endlessly about the fact that the Democrat’s Orwellian named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) eliminates the employee’s free choice to vote for or against unionization using the ages-old democratic practice of a secret ballot. Who hasn’t, right? In fact, we’ve talked about it so much that even Democrats are turning against this aspect of the act and this is one of the reasons that the bill has not been able to muster enough votes to get passed. So, we can mark that as a tentative victory.

But there is more in this horrible legislation that needs to be highlighted. Here is something as egregious, but perhaps not as flashy as the elimination of a secret ballot. It is the forced arbitration clause. Let’s call it the Back Seat Driver’s clause because it is essentially a rule that says government takes away any say in unionization from BOTH the union, the workers, and the employer.

He’s entirely right that Democrats are shying away from card check (though it’s still on life support), and he’s most certainly correct that the binding arbitration provision is widely a mystery. Good stuff.




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