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05_Latest News - December 2009

05_December 29, 2009
Pass Card Check “To Energize The Union Apparatus”

… and all this time we heard from union officials that the anti-democratic, job-killing Employee Free Choice Act was “for the workers” who are — like downtrodden Dickensian characters — under assault by Big Business.

Not so much.

Steve Rosenthal, a powerful and well-connected political strategist, is urging Democrats to pass EFCA and its card check provision for political gain. He suggests, “To energize the union apparatus, which is essential to the Democratic Party’s success in 2010, it is vital that congress pass the Employee Free Choice Act and national health care with no new taxes on workers.”

Rosenthal ought to know about unions and political power. Check out his bio:

Steve Rosenthal is President of They Work for Us and on the board of Working for Us PAC. Previously, Steve was a founder and CEO of America Coming Together (ACT), an organization aimed at empowering and mobilizing progressive voters. Prior to that, Steve served for seven years as political director of the AFL-CIO, where he helped put working families back at the center of the national debate. In the early 90s Steve was Associate Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor and Deputy Political Director for the DNC under Chairman Ron Brown. Steve spent years in the labor movement with CWA and has managed and consulted with congressional, state and local campaigns, and worked in several presidential efforts. He is president of The Organizing Group, a consulting firm that specializes in grassroots voter contact.

Of note are the positions with They Work For Us — the PAC designed to punish moderate Democrats. The irony is that Democratic politicians may well be punished by voters if they go along with EFCA.



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