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06_Latest News - December 2009

06_December 29, 2009
2010, The Year of Card Check?

In the Chinese calendar, there is a year of the Monkey, a year of the Dragon, a year of the Snake, and — in the vein of the latter — possibly a year of Card Check. Bloomberg takes a look at the Employee Free Forced Choice Act.

The article looks at what employers are doing to educate their employees about card check, the Employee Free Choice Act, and unions in general. Nothing earth-shattering, though union spokespeople are often shocked that anyone would dare question their positive effect on organized companies.

But the important part of the story for our purposes is the conclusion, which should come as a warming to EFCA watchers:

The card-check legislation may be incorporated early next year into legislation in the Senate to create jobs, according to Steve Rosenthal, a Democratic consultant and former political director at the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor organization.

“Going into the 2010 election, when unions are critical to turnout, the Democrats need to do this to energize the labor movement and kick it into high gear,” Rosenthal said in an interview. “Something’s going to pass.”

Something is, of course, a nebulous phrase. We have ceaselessly documented the manner in which card check is a political loser, so it’s unlikely politicians seeking 2010 re-election will embrace it when it can be used against them in November.

So the real lesson: Keep the pressure on representatives to kill card check and EFCA! There’s just no compromise on anything that started out this ugly.



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